July 3, 2011


Racketball is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports – it is easy to pick up and a great introduction to racket sports in general.  We have a small but growing group of regular racketball players at the Club.

More about Racketball

It is played on a regular squash court but with a larger ball (which doesn’t need warming up like squash) and a shorter racket.  This helps with hand-eye coordination making the ball easier to strike. It provides a similar level of intensity to tennis, however the bouncy ball means longer rallies and less ball collecting!  Young children and ladies particularly enjoy this sport, as well as older squash players that may be suffering with the rigours of a life on the squash court.

Racketball is said to be “easy to learn but difficult to master” which is one of the factors in the sport’s recent growth.  It is lots of fun, a great way to get fit and to meet new people.

For more information about Racketball, visit www.uk-racketball.com