Maidstone Closed Championship 2021

Play-off Competition Results (December 2021)

We had a great finish to the year with a ‘4 Player Play-off Competition’ on Friday 17th December. The 4 players who qualified were those who finished in the top 4 positions in the box league… they were…

  1. Darren Treble
  2. Simon Tuffill
  3. Paul Sutton
  4. Brendan Touhey MBE

The format was that each player would play against the other in a ‘Best of 3’ match. For each game they won, they would be awarded 1 point. This meant that each match would end in a 2-1 win or a 2-0 win.

Such was the closeness of the players level of play that every match finished 2-1, every match was close, and every player had to fight for every point. Some of the quality of the play was much higher than expected with every player trying their best to win. The person who came out on top at the end was Brendan Touhey MBE who showed his competitive spirit and age defying fitness to deservedly win the competition by winning all of his games.

I think its safe to say that there was a great atmosphere throughout, and afterwards some drinks were shared with everyone having enjoyed the competition. Brendan was presented with the trophy and the players posed for their photograph… (please see photo’s).

They are all now available for personal appearances 🙂

Thanks again for all your support, and thank you to Linzi Reynolds, Daren Seal, and Donna Seal for staying to support the players while they were on court.

Merry Christmas